Sheet Metal Design Handbook

Australian Design & Drafting Services create sheet metal part designs using SOLIDWORKS 3D design and Autodesk Inventor, accelerating the design process, saving time and development costs, and increasing productivity.

Australian Design & Drafting Services can:

  • Design solid sheet-metal parts and assemblies
  • Convert SolidWorks or other CAD models into sheet metal models and allow automatic input of your own bend radius, thickness and K-factor values
  • Design around a group of parts in assembly, ideal for sheet metal enclosures and cases
  • Flatten sheet metal designs to analyse manufacturability and create efficient, cost-effective parts
  • Produce detailed 2D drawings, STEP, IGES and DXF files for manufacturing

 Sheet Metal Design Overview

Since many industries require a wide range of sheet metal parts to house or enclose their designs, Australian Design & Drafting Services takes a flexible design approach. We can:

  • Convert SOLIDWORKS or imported CAD models, create original parts, or design around a group of parts
  • Generate Base, Edge, Miter, and Swept Flanges
  • Generate bends, including Lofted Bends, Sketched Bends, and more
  • Use Bend Tables for bend allowance/bend deduction
  • Use Forming Tools to create features like ribs, louvers, lances, embosses, and extruded flanges
  • Add weld details to sheet metal parts on models or drawings
  • Automatically flatten parts to generate flat patterns for manufacturing with bend compensation

Australian Design & Drafting Services has many years of experience designing sheet metal parts and assemblies. We have manufacturing partners for both low and high volume production and would be pleased to discuss you ideas or requirements. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you design and manufacture quality sheet metal parts.