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Concept to Manufacturing Support for Process Yarns and Fabric Reinforcement Manufacturer

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Case Study Highlights

Concept to Manufacturing Support for Process Yarns and Fabric Reinforcement Manufacturer

The Client:

  • Industry : Process yarns and fabric Manufacturer

  • Location : Germany

The Objective:

  • To conceptualize, model and implement the plant layout for manufacturing process yarns and fabric reinforcement for rubber industry.

The Challenges:

  • Understanding the manufacturing requirements and identify the requirements of resources for plant

  • Conceptualizing the plant layout as per the actual available site space, production capacity required and cost constraints

  • Identifying constraints related to the implementation of conceptualized layout

  • Developing actual prototype machines as per the design calculations


The overall project was accomplished by a team of 5 engineers and draftsmen in six stages. The manufacturing requirements and plant resources were identified, based on which the conceptual model was developed. The plant layout with general arrangement of equipment was finalized collaborating with the client. The structure design was also analyzed through simulation tools before actual implementation. Through the use of CAD tools, equipment prototypes were developed and manufactured simultaneously. Extensive support was provided for manufacturing support as well as erecting the plant successfully.

yarn plant

Software Used: AutoCAD

As an engineering solutions provider to organizations globally, a leading process yarn and fabric manufacturer from Germany approached us for a comprehensive concept to manufacturing solution, in order to setup the manufacturing plant for production. ASTCAD’s team of engineers and draftsmen collaborated with the client to conceptualize the layout, considering the available resources, costs, site space and production capacity required.


The overall project was separated into six stages:

  • ŸConcept development

  • ŸGeneral arrangement drawing preparation

  • ŸAnalysis and validation

  • ŸPrototype manufacturing

  • ŸDevelopment of manufacturing drawings

  • ŸManufacturing support & support in plant erection

Based on the project specifications, the concept was first idealized with sketches and preliminary design calculations to identify general arrangement layout. Through CAD tools, the layout was modeled and finalized after several modifications. A 3D layout was also prepared for better understanding and visualizing the arrangement of equipments. The structure modeled was also analyzed using simulation tools to identify the effects of actual loading conditions and design modifications required.

 For prototype manufacturing of equipments, detailed shop floor drawings were prepared and actual prototypes were developed followed by an onsite quality check. ASTCAD also assisted in developing manufacturing drawings and supported the plant erection team to implement the finalized CAD model into actual layout.


  • ŸThe entire plant data was documented with adequate sketches, general arrangement drawings and detailed shop floor drawings.

  • ŸEstablished the plant layout ready to begin manufacturing with no lag in production time

  • ŸSupport in plant erection reduced implementation time and associated cost

  • ŸCAD documentation provided a database to the client in implementing similar plant at different locations


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