DGN conversionAustralian Design and Drafting Services is your most reliable CAD Conversion (DWG to DGN conversion and vice-versa) solution provider in Australia. Whether or not have been working regularly on AutoCAD and Microstation, our experienced drafters possess all the skills required to have expertise in CAD. Experience for yourself, the seamless conversion of DWG to DGN and vice versa provided by Australian Design and Drafting services.

Depending on the client’s requirements, our drafters provide either manual or Software based conversion service ensuring the dimensions are accurate, not altering the original specifications of the format. To provide an error free DWG to DGN or DGN to DWG conversion, the work performed by the drafters are filtered multiple times. In order to provide the flexibility of being able to edit the drawing files at any given time, differentiation of layers is performed while working on the file.

Features of DWG to DGN and DGN to DWG Conversion Services

  • Experience in developing and using a variety of CAD tools

  • Experience working with projects ranging from architectural plans, commercial blueprints and machine drawings and mechanical drawings.

  • Document management system in place to arrange and archive drawings based on logical assembly flow for easy retrieval

  • Standalone application, no AutoCAD or MicroStation required

  • Part, assembly and file naming conventions, folder structures for storage and layer and font styles are decided in discussion with the customer before the start of a project and are adhered to rigorously

  • Our team can also work with the latest version of AutoCAD and MicroStation

  • Process flow is designed to include the validation of the quality of input data as well as the output at every stage

  • Supports batch conversion

If you are looking to for reliable, industry experienced Drafters for your DWG to DGN Conversion needs, contact Australian Design and Drafting Services now and experience the difference in the quality and cost compared to any other service provider in Australia.